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The art of design

We believe that web designing is an art, and in a sense it is.  Web designing requires 100% focus and creativity as does any other art masterpiece and is displayed as artwork in a museum that is public to all of your customers.

We build your identity

When you first stumble upon a company what is your first reaction?  Let’s look them up online.  Most if not all customers will look your business up online using Google or some other search engine.  The most important thing is the first impression your company’s site gives.  It could be the gaining of a new customer or multiple losses because of the faulty design look which gives your company a bad reputation and “fake” look.  BizzaTech wants you to avoid these accusations by building your company an eye grabbing, innovative, modernized website to give your company the professional look and feel it deserves.

Development is never ending

After your site goes live, its time to take a breath and relax, but development is never ending.  Most companies cannot afford a full time programmer and because of the job market doing well for the computer science degree your forced to pay the big $$.  BizzaTech gives you an option for a very small subscription fee for unlimited free programming on your site.  Never before has this been an option for companies to take advantage of and utilize our programmers to increase the functionality of your business.  By paying the monthly subscription fee at BizzaTech you are saving tends of thousands of dollars on new quotes, maintenance upgrades, and minor fixes.  It takes weeks to receive a quote to fix your website and can cause a result in a loss of customers.  Our monthly subscription allows you to submit a claim and expect a 24 hour turnaround for your issue which is usually resolved within two days.  Development is always going to be needed and our services provides you the best possible solution for the quickest turnarounds, and best savings.


Some of our services

Web Design, Web Auditing, CMS Implementation, E-Commerce Sites, Social Media Integration, Webmaster Tools & Services, Online Polls & Surveys, Web Consulting, Web & Game Development, Web Optimization & Integration, Web Reporting & Analyzing, E-Mail Marketing & Campainging, Online Seminars & Service Releases, User Mobility & Visibility.