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Going Mobile

Ever since 2007 the release of the first “smartphone” has changed the way consumers live their daily lives.  Millions of people are now switching from the desktop world to the fully utilized mobile generation.  There is no need for you to need a computer to check your Facebook, or Twitter, as its faster, easier, and better to use your mobile device.

BizzaTech is changing the future.  We create all of our sites to be device responsive, meaning whatever device you access the site with it optimizes the layout accordingly to the device your using.  We also encourage businesses and companies to use our services to build your mobile application along with your responsive website.  The future is changing and everything will eventually be mobile and it increases the value of your business.

Reasons to go Mobile:

  • Opens your business to a new market.
  • Allows users to connect with your site anywhere.
  • Puts your site higher up on search engine rankings
  • Greatly improves your local market.
  • Opens up new opportunity’s for undecided customers.


Take advantage of the Market?

As the world changes and the bigger companies such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft release their phones, tablets, and new mobile devices it allows businesses to monopolize that marketplace before their competitor.  For example: You own a coffee shop and you can’t compete with Starbucks or Coffee Bean so you decide to contact BizzaTech to build you a site and application that is mobile friendly, now you have opened up the idea for ordering coffee on the go which currently isn’t being done by the bigger companies yet.


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