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7 Ways To Build Your Customer Database

7 Ways To Build Your Customer Database

7 Ways To Build Your Customer Database

With the advent of spam filling our inbox’s every day, people are more reluctant than ever to give away their private information. But don’t despair! There are many ways to persuade potential customers to willingly provide you with the information you want. Here are few ideas to get you started.

1. Give away some valuable information

Instead of providing 100% of your valuable information to all and sundry who visit your website, hold a little something back. Ask people for a few details about themselves and their interests. Those willing to provide you with their details in return for a white paper or research report will be the most qualified leads. Make sure the information is something valuable that they can’t easily get elsewhere for free.

2. Run a competition

Everyone likes to be a winner. If your products and services are highly desirable, offer a regular giveaway. For larger promotions, offer something that everyone loves to win – like a holiday or a shopping spree.

3. Start an informative newsletter

No one wants to receive a newsletter that is just filled with advertising, so deliver some valuable information in your newsletter. If your newsletter regularly contains up-to-date relevant information for your prospects and customers, they’ll want to stay on your list, allowing you to remain fresh in their minds. If your newsletter is geared to sell products, try to include handy hints related to your products to improve the chances of your newsletter being read.

4. Offer subscriber only special offers

In conjunction with your regular newsletter, or as a regular promotion, offer subscriber only special offers. If your specials are good enough, word will get around and your mailing list will grow quickly.

5. Offer a trial of your product or service

If your product or service is difficult to understand, or is in a very saturated market, offer a limited time trial. Have your prospects provide you with information on why they require your product or service and you will be in a much better position to convert the trial into a sale.

6. Create a viral marketing campaign

Use your existing customers and subscribers to help you find new ones. Send an offer or a competition entry to your database and provide them with the facility to easily forward the offer to friends or colleagues. Remember to provide an incentive so that your list will forward your offer with enthusiasm.

7. Use website forms instead of email addresses

Last but not least, the easiest way to gather information about your prospects is to encourage them to use website forms to contact you. Provide them with the convenience of being able to quickly and easily tell you what information they require by using drop-lists and check boxes rather than text fields. They will be grateful for the time savings, and you will benefit from better defined information.

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